A book on Design Literacy for Everyone


Everything we use, from social media, to our homes, to our highways, was designed by someone. But how did they decide on what was good for the rest of us? What did they get right and where have they let us down? And what can we learn from the way these experts think that can help us in how we make decisions in our own lives?

This book will takes readers on a thrilling journey through their daily lives, exploring how designers of all kinds, from software engineers, to urban planners, have succeeded and failed us. By offering a fresh way to think about everyday life and the impact of technology on how we live, readers will learn to see the world in a new and powerful way. They’ll see better ways to manage projects, make decisions and understand how creative people develop good ideas. They’ll ask better questions of the things they buy, use, and make, and discover how fun it can be to use ideas from great designers to improve their everyday lives.

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